Local 475 Stewards

EAST                                       WEST                  

Jeff Eamer (VP)-CCH                            Mike WIlson (VP)-DRMH

Jared Fontaine-CCH                              Sue Ripley-Girard-DRMH

Phil Legroulx-CCH                                 Suzette Fletcher-DRMH

June Penney-HGH                                 Cheryle McRae-PRH


REFERENCE-EAST                  REFERENCE-WEST                            

Corinne Ramey-CHEO                           Rob McKenzie (VP) TOHC

Rita Kein-TOHG                                     Ilda Paciacco-TOHC

Agnes Cadieux-TOHG                            Rose Omole-TOHC

Roch Brunet-TOHG                                Elizabeth Pickles-TOHC

Marcie Walters-TOHG                           Freida Haider-TOHR

Linda Guitor-TOHG

Scott Melcher-TOHG


Joanna Melesky-KDMH





Local 475 Officers



Melissa Coenraad
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C 613-218-7323
I have been active in the Union for three years, as a Steward, Vice-President of Reference and now President. I have taken man courses and hope to take many more to have a well rounded ability to represent you. On a personal note I grew up in the small town of Stirling Playing hockey and riding four wheelers. I moved to Ottawa when I was 18. I graduated from St. Lawrence in 2003 and started working as a casual at TOH in Phlebotomy right after, after 1.5 years of being a casual I got a job in Microbiology and have been at TOH for 13 years. I am blessed with four children and a wonderful husband. I am excited to see what the future of Local 475 has in store for me.


Vice President - TOHG & CHEO

Meghan Arbic
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C 613-858-6374
I have worked in the fast food industry, sold cars, ladies clothing, and answered phones in a call centre before finding my calling in the laboratory. I graduated from Saint Lawrence College's Medical Laboratory Technician program in 2007 and worked in my hometown at Renfrew Victoria Hospital for a year. My love of the lab brought me back to Saint Lawrence College for their Medical Laboratory Science program. I graduated in 2011 and took a job at CHEO's Rapid Response Unit. In November 2013, I became a Steward in OPSEU 475. I was elected Secretary of the Local in March 2015, and Vice President-Reference (TOHG & CHEO) in November 2015.  After becoming engaged last summer, I will be getting married in November of this year. !
Vice President - TOHC & TOHR
Rob Mckenzie
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C 613-218-0470
I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and have always been a science fan.  My first experience was in high school as a co-op student in anatomical pathology at a hospital in Thunder Bay.  After a couple of years into my bachelor of science in nursing, I decided to seek my fame and fortune in Ottawa.  Ten years of waitering and bartending gave me the experience of public relations, and putting people first.  In the new millennium I enrolled into getting my lab technician certification, and got a job at TOH after course completion.  Since then I worked in phlebotomy, as a teaching assistant for the lab technician certification, histology, surgical pathology, and finally in autopsy pathology where I find my job both diverse and challenging.

As the new VP for the Civic and Riverside campus I hope to bring my experiences to give additional strength and continuity to our local.

Vice President - West Region
Mike Wilson
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C 613-602-2282
After graduating in 1990 I moved to Northern BC where I was the Lab/Radiology Charge in Fort St James for 15 years. During this time I took on the duties of Chief Steward for our union in BC HSA (Health Sciences Association) for 12 years. As a member I was on a four member provincial Health and Safety committee responsible for reducing the permissible exposure limits of chemicals found in the BC Health and Safety Act and Regulations. As the Chief Steward I was able to attend 8 HSA conventions in support of Northern BC. In 2005 I moved to Deep River where I am currently the Charge Technologist and your VP for the West and continue to be an avid runner and sports fanatic. Thanks and I look forward to working with everyone as we support our members of OPSEU local 475.


Sue Ripley-Girard
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C 613-401-9503
I was born in Nova Scotia and that is where I did my training as a MLT. I graduated in the early 1980's and those that remember that time know that finding a job was next to impossible. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a MLT and proudly served in The Canadian Forces for 20 years working at many bases across Canada and overseas. After retiring, I remained in the beautiful town of Deep River. Deep River is the ideal setting for many of my leisure activities including kayaking, hiking, cycling, camping and snowshoeing. I am married to a wonderful man Serge and together we have 4 wonderful children and one precious grand daughter. Besides my full time job as a MLT, my husband and I have 2 small businesses that keep us busy as well. Since retiring from the military, I have always been an active member of OPSEU. The current LEC are all members ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. Let us work with you and for you.

Vacant Positions

Vice President - CENTRAL REGION

Vice President - EAST


Chief Steward